About Us

It all started with, “Daddy I want a custom cap.  One that no one else has,” and my boy loves fishing.  So, I went to my buddy who had designed some caps for his business and we talked to a local artist. With a few ideas and long hours, our first Big Hook Apparel logo was born.  We had such good feedback, we decided to make more.  Once we had the logo, my partner and I began the search for the right manufacturer to make our products. After many months and countless late nights, we found the right fit and our first wave of designs.  Ever since we sold our first shirt we have both been chasing the dream of building a fishing apparel company and this is going to be a dream we continue to chase through time. This dream is something we will constantly be working on as we want all of our customers to feel comfortable and proud of our brand. We now have lots of new stuff coming in and we are constantly working on new designs.